audioflow review & bonus - An Overview

Adjusted 2SeriesCommand approach to CompactFlahs to work with the basis route and tag for position from memeber variables so they could be quickly overridden in derived approaches.

CresnetMaster - Moved some report parsing and packet broadcast abilities from 2Series method to base class to allow use by XGen system as well.

For Touch Settable setup, eradicated all synthetic delays in code. Also changed parsing to capture all presses even should they arrive while we remain receiving points into light-weight and poll mode.

Fastened Original update. Was leading to an additional transcation ID in listing which induced dialogs to not go away after hitting Okay The very first time.

Re-arranged info files into one zip that may be splitup and portions integrated with an involve form assertion.

Fixed considerable problem with SSL communications that could lead to intermittent drops and conversation stalls.

Set get supported qualities timeout benefit. Was 1s which induced it to timeout in some cases resulting in disabled "Upadate Firmware" button amongst other issues. Now makes use of "GetTimeoutValue" contact defualts to 5s.

Set an intermittent issue where by when loading preset, the parametric EQ graph may not have up to date.

Added default button to QueryType table. Established much more proper defaults for all queries, and stuck two spelling problems.

Set Are living update FW latest Variation retrieval, broken considering that subnet decect code check here alterations. Cresnet / Meshent gadgets would not work correctly.

Fixed bug in join monitoring for one subslotted products (was issueing "joinmonitorslot #." and the dot should not be there.

Implemented queued message putting up from sheduler to occasion thread. This stops missing messages when factors are flooded (sign debugging).

Additional timestamp to filename of each unique session log. Also set the time from the file in the zip to some time the session was opened.

Fastened parsing bug in which hyperlink status for Port B on C2ENET-two playing cards was incorrect if Port A had no connection.

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